Most Puissant Grand Master
Martin Ede (08)
Acceptance Address

        It is with honor and humility that I accept my election as Most Puissant Grand Master for our Grand Council for the ensuing year. I thank the companions for their trust, and I will do my best to live up to the needs of our Grand Council. These are trying times indeed that we are living in at the moment, with the pandemic and civil unrest that has surfaced from long standing and oft hidden divisions within our society. It is at times like this that we need to be strong and look to the lessons and purpose of Freemasonry and bring those teachings to the fore in our lives.
        I would also like to thank my Mum and sister for their continued support and understanding and that of my late father, who I think would be still somewhat bemused by all of this Masonry. On this 76th anniversary of D-Day, I would like to acknowledge the service of both my grandfathers in World War II: Bob worked as a welder and repairer at the aerodrome in Cilloth, Northern England working on Spitfires and Wellingtons; and Walter who landed in Normandy on D-Day+3 in the 79th Armoured Division. I salute all our veterans involved in all wars.
        As your MPGM, I will continue as I did as Grand High Priest and continue to promote the York Rite throughout our jurisdiction. There is still work to be done and I recommend that you continue to speak up in your Lodges and Blue Lodge Councils on the benefits of the Chapter and Council for all Masons, and those of the Commandery to all Christian Masons. As the York Rite, we are the keepers of the complete Hiramic Legend and of the real word and grip of a Master Mason. We should never tire of whispering good counsel and education to our brothers.
        As we move forward with, hopefully, in person meetings in the Fall, I would like to see at least some form of education and discussion on non-degree nights that will better prepare our companions. I recommend the use of the Cryptic Masonry Education Course, easily ordered through Amazon. We are still facing falling numbers and the better educated we are, the better prepared we will be to express the benefit and need of the Cryptic degrees to our Brethren. We may be looking at further mergers in our Grand Council and if companions see the need, let your Grand Officers know so that we can help in the transition and make the process as smooth and successful as it should be.
        Assuming all things being equal, I will be representing our Grand Council at the General Grand Chapter and General Grand Council Triennial in Louisville in September. As I have noted in previous officer reports to this Grand Council, we should be looking at becoming members of the General Grand Council. We are the oldest and original Grand Council and as such we should be a proud member. Unfortunately, over the last few years there has been much misinformation and misunderstanding spread about. As an example, the idea that General Grand can tell us to change our titles is just not true - period, and they don't want us to change either and would welcome us as we are. Hopefully as I travel around this year and visit, I can answer any questions or concerns that any companion may have. As I said a couple of years ago, both we and the General Grand Council will be stronger together.
        We are the oldest Grand Council, and we should be proud of this and of the importance of our degrees. As noted in the Charge of a Select Master that having attained our degrees "you have passed the circle of perfection in Ancient Masonry…you must be sensible that your obligations are increased in proportion to your privileges. Let it be your constant care to prove yourself worthy of the confidence reposed in you".
        My companions, now is the time to look to our obligations and strengthen Cryptic Masonry in Connecticut, its birthplace. Again I thank you of the honor to serve you, and I will endeavor to humbly labor through the Ninth Arch to the SV so that the secrets we are keepers of can be spread to all Master Masons.