Most Puissant Grand Master
Martin Ede (08)

         Martin was born in June 1967, in Durham in the northeast of England to Eileen and the late Terence Ede. When Martin was two, the family, now including a sister Helen, moved down south first to Swanmore and then to Waltham Chase (both close to Portsmouth on the south coast) where he lived for over twelve years. Martin attended Meoncross School, but then in 1975 moved to Portsmouth Grammar School for a more academic centered education and remained there until 1985 when the family moved to the USA. While in England, Martin was active in the cub scouts as well as fencing, judo and lots of reading.
        On arriving in the US, Martin spent a year at Amity Regional High School and then entered the University of Connecticut in fall of 1986, graduating in 1990 with a BS in Geology. He took his first job as a project geologist at Technical Environmental Specialists in Manchester. Over the next few years, he also worked for Environmental Management Consultants and Environmental Products and Services, before making the decision to move into science teaching. He entered Southern Connecticut State University, earning a MS in Environmental Education as well as a science teaching certification. He was employed in Central High School in Bridgeport CT, teaching ninth grade physical science as well as electives in Environmental Science. After 3 years, he moved to teach in both high schools in Stratford CT, and then to the Independent Day School in Middlefield CT, where he taught middle school biology and physical sciences; all the while continuing his studies at SCSU primarily in American History. After teaching, he returned to school at Porter & Chester Institute to study Low Voltage Electronics, with a view to starting a small business or returning to teaching at the technical school/college level. Lately, he has been able to become semi-retired to devote more time to historic and philosophical studies, with an aim to writing more in depth on philosophy and our Craft.
        In 2010, as a result of his American History studies and growing respect for the Founding Fathers, he became a United States citizen taking his Oath of Citizenship in New Haven.
        Martin has many interests including the martial arts, having attained a black belt in Aikijitsu Karate, travel and golf. Ever the student of history, he has traveled to various European countries as well as Mexico, Italy, Egypt and Turkey. His passion for reading and history lead to an interest in Freemasonry spurred by the fact that his old school had a Masonic lodge associated with it, and later by the writings of John J. Robinson, in particular "The Pilgrim's Path".
        His path to Freemasonry truly began when a family friend asked if he was interested in a free dinner from Hiram Lodge No. 1. Martin accepted and was raised in Hiram Lodge in November of 1999. While finishing evening classes, he became interested in the Scottish Rite and the York Rite.
        He became Master of the Masonic Lodge of Research in 2004, followed by becoming Master of Hiram Lodge No. 1 in 2005, and Philosophic Lodge of Research in 2010, becoming only the second brother to be master of both Connecticut research lodges. Since then he has returned a number of times to be Master of MLR and had the honor of being Master during its 50th Anniversary year. He is also a Past President of the 4th District Actual Past Master's Association.
        He has served as High Priest for Franklin Chapter No. 2 and has been honored with the Ephraim Kirby Citation for Distinguished Masonic Service in 2011. Likewise, he has served as Thrice Illustrious Mater for Harmony Council No. 8, and was honored to receive the Knight of Ish Sodi Meritorious Service Award in 2008, and was also honored to be appointed to the Grand Council line. He was elected Most Puissant Grand Master for 2020-2021. He is currently Eminent Commander for New Haven Commandery No. 2, Knights Templar, and was recently appointed as Grand Historiographer for the Grand Commandery of Connecticut.
        He has served as Thrice Potent Master in the E.G. Storer Lodge of Perfection and Sovereign Prince for the Elm City Princes of Jerusalem for the Valley of New Haven, AASR, and takes part in many of the degrees of both Valley and Consistory. He was presented with the Arthur M. Brown, 33?, Meritorious Service Award in 2006, and was very fortunate to be created a Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33? at the Supreme Council session in Philadelphia in 2010. This made it a very special year, having become a citizen in the months before the session and making his first visit to Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center truly memorable. He is also the secretary for the Masonic Temple Association of New Haven and historian for Hiram Lodge.
        Martin has become quite fascinated with the history, philosophy and esoteric nature of Freemasonry leading to membership in not only both Connecticut research lodges but also in the Scottish Rite Research Society, the Grand College of Rites, the Philalethes Society and the Masonic Society.
        He was invited to join Nathan Hale Council No. 78, Allied Masonic Degrees where he is a Past Sovereign Master; Connecticut College, Societas Rosicruciana In Civitatibus Foederatis; the Connecticut York Rite College No. 17, currently serving as Pre-eminent Governor. He is also a member of Mohawk Council No. 28 of Knight Masons, where he is a Past Excellent Chief. On turning 50, he was invited to join the Dusis Society of Greater New Haven where he serves as secretary/treasurer; and is also a Past President of the Connecticut Convention of Anointed High Priests in Royal Arch Masonry.
        He has contributed a number of research papers to the Connecticut research lodges and the SRICF, some of which were also submitted for credit in history classes at SCSU.
        He had the honor of being appointed as a Grand Custodian of the Work for the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Connecticut by MEPGHP Danny Camp, and served the Royal Arch Masons of our state as Most Excellent Grand High Priest for the years 2016-18.
        In 2015, Martin was appointed to the Grand Council line and in a virtual session in 2020 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Connecticut, he was elected to serve as Most Puissant Grand Master.
        He currently resides in Bethany with two cats, an extensive library and a large number of Masonic research projects waiting to get written.