Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Jeffery A. Flynn (17)
Inaugural Address

I would like to thank all the Companions of Connecticut for the honor and privilege to serve you as Most Excellent Grand High Priest. In my travels to the Chapters, I have been pleased with the work and ritual.
We need to have Royal Arch Education at each and every meeting. I have been quite disappointed with some of the meetings I attended. I observed opening, reading minutes then closing. Is this what Chapter is all about? We must give our Companions a reason to attend Chapter. How about Chapter Education? Education can be from 5-15 minutes. Please offer SOMETHING. There are many resources available and if the High Priest is puzzled where to find them then please contact the Grand Chapter. Also, pastry or light snacks after the meeting will build fellowship.
I also ask that the High Priest WELCOME ALL in attendance at their meetings. Quite frankly, I am bothered by this. We are taught in Blue Lodge that we all are equal and meet on the level. But this is not happening. We recognize past and current DD's, PWM's and past Grand Masters and if in attendance the current Grand Master. What about the other Brothers attending? Without their attendance, they may not even be able to open. This is happening in the York Rite as well. In Chapter, we need nine to open. This may not be so easy for many Chapters. Recognize and thank ALL COMPANIONS for their attendance. It makes them feel wanted and really on the Level.
 I also noticed and heard that many Chapters were not able to open up without the assistance from the visiting officers of the Grand Chapter line. Unfortunately, this is not new. Perhaps lack of Education or not feeling welcome was one of the reasons. The duties of the Grand Chapter is to help, aid and assist Chapters. Not to keep them afloat with their attendance needed to open.
Through observation and reports, I am pleased with the Grand Chapter Officers. They have worked hard with their assigned Chapters, reviewing their work and ritual and offering their suggestions.
I assisted with a Chapter Road Show and found it be quite beneficial for the Craft. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 shut down of the state many road shows were cancelled. I would like to see this presentation continue at Blue Lodge Councils and Blue Lodges. This is an excellent way for us to have more Companions join Chapter.
I do not plan on listing my attendance in the OPPORTUNITIES. I will list my attendance for special events and degrees. I want to show up unannounced at the Chapters. I want to see how many are in attendance and see if they planned on Education and remembered to Welcome All.
I am looking forward to a very rewarding year for all of us in Chapter. Let's make it fun and inspirational.
Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank Most Excellent Grand High Priest, James C. Kleinkauf for his leadership and guidance. His counsel and advise was greatly appreciated.