COMMITTEES 2019-2020
Address Insurance
Richard A. Eppler, Ch, 203-271-2221 RAM-Robert G. Fitzgerald, 860-568-2607
Charles A. McCollum, William L. Miller II R&SM-Scott T. Sherrick, KT-Vincent A. Cowie

Audit Jurisprudence
Richard L. Sawyers, Ch, 860-402-7350 Bruce R. Bellmore, Ch, 203-933-6736
Michael E. Seamon, Richard R. Jones Charles B. Fowler Jr, Charles A. McCollum

Awards Necrology
James S. McNeely, Ch, 507-456-4836 William E. Weisert II, Ch, 860-823-8169
James C. Kleinkauf, Charles B. Fowler Jr Charles B. Fowler Jr, William L. Miller II
Jeffery A. Flynn, Martin Ede

Budget and Finance Nominations
Jeffery A. Flynn, Ch 860-304-6348 Paul L. Chello, Ch, 203-453-1560
Charles A. McCollum Charles B. Fowler William L. Miller,Charles D.O'Neill
Charles D. O'Neill, Gregory K. Whitehouse

Bylaws of Constituent Chapters Program and Publicity
Daniel M. Luft, Ch 203-537-1610 Michael D. Sabia Jr, Ch 203-898-2808
Michael D. Sabia Jr Jason R. Rie Jeffery A. Flynnl Martin Ede
Craig R. Nelson, Jason R. Rieger
Russell L. Scull

Credentials Ritual
Arnold S. Grot, Ch 860-633-5849 Clyde W. Kayser II, Ch, 203-754-8209
James S. McNeely IV William L. Miller II Michael D. Sabia Jr Charles A. McCollum

Delinquencies Royal Arch Research Assistance
Jeffery A. Flynn, Ch 860-304-6348 Paul L. Chello, Ch, 203-453-1560
Daniel M. Luft, Clyde W. Kayser II Michael E. Seamon Jason R. Rieger

Educational Awards Welfare of Constituent Chapters
James S. McNeely, Ch, 507-456-4836 Jeffery A. Flynn, Ch 860-304-6348
William L. Greene, Scott T. Sherrick Michael D. Sabia Jr Daniel M. Luft
James C. Kleinkauf

Grand Convocation Setup York Rite Coordination
James C. Kleinkauf, Ch 203-214-8821 James C. Kleinkauf, Ch 203-214-8821
Martin Ede Daniel M. Luft Charles B. Fowler Jr Daniel M. Luft
Jeffery A. Flynn

Paul L. Chello, Ch 475-355-1846 James A. Backus (11), Amy jbackus8746@gmail.com
William L. Miller II Bruce R. Bellmore Deadlines: First day of Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec