COMMITTEES 2020-2021
Address Insurance
Richard A. Eppler, Ch RAM - Robert G. Fitzgerald
Charles A. McCollum R&SM - Scott T. Sherrick
William L. Miller II KT - Vincent A. Cowie

Audit Jurisprudence
Michael E. Seamon, Ch Bruce R. Bellmore, Ch
Richard R. Jones James S. McNeely IV
Russell L. Scull Charles A. McCollum

Awards Necrology
James C. Kleinkauf, Ch William E. Weisert II, Ch
William L. Miller II Charles B. Fowler Jr
Daniel M. Luft William L. Miller II
Martin Ede

Budget and Finance Nominations
Daniel M. Luft, Ch Paul L. Chello, Ch
Charles A. McCollum William L. Miller
William L. Miller II Charles D. O'Neill
Charles D. O'Neill
Gregory K. Whitehouse

Bylaws of Constituent Chapters Program and Publicity
Daniel M. Luft, Ch Michael D. Sabia Jr, Ch
Michael D. Sabia Jr Craig R. Nelson
Jason R. Rieger Jason R. Rieger
Russell L. Scull

Credentials Ritual
Arnold S. Grot, Ch Clyde W. Kayser II, Ch
James S. McNeely IV Michael D. Sabia Jr
William L. Miller II Charles A. McCollum

Delinquencies Royal Arch Research Assistance
Daniel M. Luft, Ch Paul L. Chello, Ch
Michael E. Seamon Michael E. Seamon
Clyde W. Kayser II James C. Kleinkauf

Educational Awards Welfare of Constituent Chapters
James S. McNeely, Ch Jeffery A. Flynn, Ch
William L. Greene Michael D. Sabia Jr
Scott T. Sherrick Daniel M. Luft
James C. Kleinkauf

Grand Convocation Setup York Rite Coordination
James C. Kleinkauf, Ch Jeffery A. Flynn, Ch
Jason R. Riege William L. Miller II
Daniel M. Luft Daniel M. Luft
Clyde W. Kayser II

Paul L. Chello, Ch
William L. Miller II
Bruce R. Bellmore